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The Swampy Song ( Sam in rare form, there) [Aug. 24th, 2009|09:12 pm]
The Leisure Guild



So, okay lets get some of these verses written down: Two rhymes per verse, chorus, back to verse
If you open your eyes and you wish you could die
You're a Swampy
If you can't make a class cause you're drunk off your ass
Y. A. Swampy
Swampy Chorus:
Stumble stumble fall. Stagger drop and crawl.  Falling through a wall....Drunken Swampy
If you like all these things but you're too drunk to sing, you're a swampy!
V 2:
If you bathe in a pit and your garb looks like shit
Y. A. Swampy
If the clothing you wore you got off of a whore
Y.A. Swampy
V. 3
If your tent has midew and it smells like a shoe
Y.A. Swampy
If you drink all night through 'til the morn has turned blue
If it burns when you pee and you gave it to me
Y.A. Swampy
If you queef in my face and it burns me like mace

If at dawn you are sweaty,
you probably live in the Getty
If you're covered in dust and are lacking in lust
you live topside
Topside glares, noses in the air, kiss my derriere...I'm a royal!
If you hate swampy things and kiss asses of kings, you live topside!
If you wear pointy hats and your pussy's got bats
Y.L. Topside
If you carry a stick and you act like a prick
Y.L. Topside
Topside glares.....chorus
V. 7
If your war's filled with strife cause we're plowing your wife
Y.L. Topside
If' it's also not fun cause were doing your son
Y.L. Topside
I changed the last bit of the topside chorus to the "kiss asses of kings" bit.
I know there are others, so let's see them:


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